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Accidental Damage Waiver

ADW (accidental damage waiver) recommended to protect wearers from unwanted charges due to any minor damages or cleaning. ADW is a Per Person Product

Accidental Damage Waiver (ADW) covers any additional charges by the Hirer that would normally arise following accidental damage to any or all of the garments, provided that they were being used appropriately (within exception of Top Hats, which are NOT covered by this waiver.

Lost/Stolen/Maliciously Damaged Items the hirer will be responsible for the cost of any hire item that is lost, stolen or maliciously damaged. a full range of charges can be provided on request. ADW does NOT cover you if your items hired has been lost, stolen or maliciously damaged.

ADW is optional but recommended. This is charged at £8.99 per hirer

Please note that any insurance cover you may have for your wedding day, does not cover any items with Cameron Ross.